Care Lite Resting ST WHFO IB
May 31, 2017
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May 31, 2017
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Care Lite Hand Resting WHFO IB

Small, Medium and Large

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The Care Lite Hand is a fully adjustable, deviating hand orthosis that provides progressive, static positioning for the treatment of the mildly to severely contracted wrist, hand, fingers and thumb.  The uniquely designed thumb abductor allows for optimal positioning.  The Care Lite Hand provides a custom fit for even the most difficult thumb abduction contractures and joint deformities.  Bend to fit.

Suggested L-Code:  L3807 (custom), L-3809(OTS) Or L3906 (custom Hand)

Sizing Chart

SizingMP WidthWrist Crease to tip of longest Finger
SmallUp to 3.5"Up to 6 3/4"
MediumUp to 5"Up to 7 3/4"
LargeUp to 5.5"Up to 9.5"

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