Medline Aeroflow Static Air Overlay Mattress Group I
June 20, 2015
Drive Gel “E” 3" Wheelchair Cushion
June 24, 2015
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Drive Gel/Foam Gel "E" 2" Seat Cushion

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Product Summary

  • The Gel “E” is a cushion every wheelchair user can use to redistribute pressure which helps prevent, treat and manage pressure ulcers.
  • High-Density foam encapsulates a viscous gel bladder that provides proper immersion and envelopment around the bony prominences.
  • The zippered, removable and replaceable cover is made of a fluid-proof, urethane-coated nylon top cover and fluid-proof vinyl bottom cover for durability.

Suggested Ecode: E2607 | E2608  ($180.24 | $216.45)

Sizing Chart

Item #W x D x H
1488016" x 16" x 1.75"
1488718" x 16" x 1.75"
1488120" x 16" x 1.75"
1488818" x 16" x 2"

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