Care Resting Hand “Split Finger” IB
May 31, 2017
Easy Care Roll Petite WHFO IB
May 31, 2017
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Easy Care Roll WHFO IB

Small, Medium and Large

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Easy Care Hand is a light-weight WHFO, without joints, is designed for progressive treatment/correction of the moderately to severely contracted MPs, PIPs, and DIPs by use of the 3 graduated rolls.  Additionally useful in the treatment of palmer maceration.  The “C” bar configuration helps with the more severely contracted fingers.  The Easy Care Hand may be initially used without the foam rolls; adding the foam rolls as patient progresses.


Suggested L-Code:  L3807 (custom), L-3809(OTS) Or L3906 (custom Hand)

Sizing Chart

SizingWrist to Forearm
SmallUp to 8"
Medium8" to 9.5"
Large9.5" and up

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