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May 31, 2017
KKMP Care Boot II Short Back
June 21, 2017
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Care Boot II with D flex straps
Care Boot II with D flex straps

KKMP Care Boot II with Dorsi-Flexion Strap

Sizes: Small , Medium , Large , X-Large


The Care Boot II with Dorsi Flexion Straps has all the benefits of the Care Boot II plus has controlled static stretch of the plantar flexors, treating contractures, spasticity, inversion/eversion, pressure sores and hip rotation.

All Care Boot II are of high quality KYDEX and are heat moldable.

Boots can be pre-molded to your specifications prior to shipment.

Includes a toe pad and transfer pad.


HCPCS L4396 (Custom Fit) | L4397 (OTS) 159.14.

Sizing Chart

Calf CircumferenceFoot CircumferenceSize
Up to 10"Up to 8"Small
Up to 14"Up to 10"Medium
Up to 16"Up to 12"Large
Up to 18"Up to 14"X Large

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