RMI Carbon Fiber Anterior AFO
May 31, 2017
KKMP Care Boot II with Dorsi-Flexion Strap
June 21, 2017
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RMI Fluidized Ankle Foot Orthosis

Sizes: Small , Medium , Large , X-Large


HCPCS L4396 (Custom Fit) | L4397 (OTS) 159.14

  • Flo-FormTM uidized medium in calf area, top of foot, and talus strap:Provides even pressure distribution in points of orthotic contact.
  • Dorsi exion assist ( ex) straps attaches through a D-ring aiding in properalignment of the foot. Adjustable tensioning to control plantar exion.
  • Protective Flo-FormTM uidized talus strap allows for visual examinationof the heel. Design allows for optimal heel oatation.
  • Thermal adaptive technology for optimal comfort.
  • Non-slip sole: Allows short standing and walking.

Sizing Chart

SizeHeel to Toe
Small6" - 8"
Medium8" - 10"
Large10" - 11"
X-Large11" - 12"

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