KKMP Care Boot II Short Back
June 21, 2017
extriCARE NPWT Foam Dressing (Sacral and Foot)
June 21, 2017
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RMI VertebrEase TLSO Back Brace (can be used with Safe Cerv)


L-Code: L0456 (Custom Fitted)-L0457 (OTS) $942.99

Treat neurological tone, lost range of motion, chronic low back pain, spondylolysis, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, post-op fusion, spondylolisthesis, compression fracture, spinal fractures, and spinal stenosis.
Four overlapping Kydex® plastic shells restricts gross trunk movement for tri-planar control.
Thermoplastic allows for customized heat molding.
Shoulder straps improve posture and relieve pain.
Cervical attachments available to correct head/neck alignment.

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